Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fun with Flash

Stacey and I had fun at Christmas playing with remote flash, colored gels. soft boxes, and snoots.  The "mad woodworker" would be me, illuminated by three snooted flashes with red and blue gels.  Good to be using my safety goggles while cutting a 2x6 with my miter saw, but the picture clearly illustrates why I should also have been wearing a dust mask!!  The neighbors must have been questioning our sanity as we composed the picture in the driveway in total darkness.
These pics of Chris and Claire were illuminated with a 2x3 foot soft box (at about 90 degrees camera left), complemented by remaining natural daylight on a very overcast day.   The brick wall was lit with a second flash that was gelled with an orange filter.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 9

Our first morning on the coast.  We're staying in Cape Kiwanda.  We were up again before dawn and simply walked across the street to catch all of these pictures.  The first one is the view from our room.  The sandstone cliffs are beautiful in the morning light and at low tide the pools at the base of the cliffs display amazing shapes and colors.

Sandstone alligator?